The Word of God zaps our consciousness and conscience.
The Word of God shocks us to understand what was thought good, okay, tolerable is NOT in God's eyes.
We can switch off the negative and on the positive by daily meditating on His Word (Psalm One).
While some tremble in His presence as in the Garden of Eden and by Mount Sinai, we seek to electrify our consciousness with His lightning swift sword: penetrating mind and soul, separating the chaff from the wheat in the field of conscience.

Some keep their distance as we hold fast to God's Word, seeing the static and flak we attract as if we hold onto a LIGHTNING ROD.

Ultimate Questions
What is life all about? Click above onto "Ultimate Questions" in your quest! Electrify your mind and heart!

Reading the signs of the times

With humor: QUESTION ALL AUTHORITY in the Light of God's Word which comes to us through the Jewish People & the Christian Church.
To help you do so: click above onto "His Will be done," "Remembering & Awaiting," "As we work the Garden," "Views from Around the World, etc." How would Jesus Christ view the signs?
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